Wednesday, 4 April 2012

3 April 1942–Identity cards, red cross & riding


Today’s Sydney Morning Herald reported that millions of civilian identity cards would be posted out this week, in the biggest load ever for the post office in Canberra.

The paper also reported on President Roosevelt and his history, the pandemonium at the Sydney railway station as people were leaving on Easter holidays, and that the Red Cross had set up a field service unit in Australia. You can read more from the paper here. Here is a pictorial article from the March 1942 issue of The Australasian Magazine.

red cross

It’s school holidays at present, so today we went riding in the morning instead of the afternoon.  Despite it being the middle of Autumn, it was very hot, so after the ride we cooled the horses down with the hose.  I’m not sure who got more wet!

  002  003

Hope you had a fun day too,

Deb xx

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day, great interesting info as usual! XxxX


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