Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A slight distraction & a Chevrolet


Our new family member has arrived.  Her name, after much negotiation, is Diva.  She sings well and is beautiful, and that is what the vet said when she saw her- “aren’t you a little diva”.  She is an 8 week old border collie.  Here she is curled up in my arms.


Border collies have a reputation of being very intelligent.  After less than one day, Diva had worked out how to get on the roof of her crate and escape her ‘puppy play pen.” The next day she worked out how to climb the puppy playpen itself, and then do a back flip and escape.


The first work day we left her home in the bathroom.  I worried all day. I had hoped to get home at lunch time, but things went crazy and I couldn't.  So she was alone for 6 hours.  Today I decided to take her to work with me.  What is the point of working for yourself if you can’t take your pet to work , right?!  My husband/boss thought I was mad – at first.  But she was soooo good.  I looped the lead around her neck (she’s too small for a collar yet) so I could keep her under watch. She had only one accident on the ancient carpet, slept a lot, and comforted some anxious clients.  She also met at least five new people, which is great for her socialisation.  Apparently puppies need to meet 100 people by the time they are 3 months old.   She is well on the way.

Today’s ode to vintage, a Chevrolet ad from Post, June 1942.

chevrolet ad

Imagine one in red!

Deb xx

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