Wednesday, 22 August 2012

'Calm Blue Ocean' - it's one of those days....

Swimming at Cape Hillsborough

Ever had one of those days? You wake up for third time and it’s raining and not even light outside but you can't get back to sleep. You go to the bathroom and step in something wet, or worse, on the way.  You let the dog out and resolve not to let the kids feed it left overs any more.  In the kitchen last night’s dishes are still in the sink, hubby needs a shirt ironed and the kid's can't find any clean socks for school.  All of the hairbrushes have disappeared, and there is no milk or bread in the house. 

I don't have them often, but this morning I did have one of those starts. It's been a big week and the contract on the house has fallen through and we have to see the bank again. Ugh.....

I was tempted to give up and go back to bed.  Instead I went for my morning walk (in my gumboots) with the dogs a little earlier - the fresh air and the birdsong always make me feel better, even if it's raining.  I also bought milk and bread from the corner shop.

If your morning gets off to a bad start, don’t give up just yet. There’s hope.  What else can you do, especially if you don't have the time or energy for a walk?  
      Get clean - a quick shower and brushed hair makes a big difference.  a hot shower on tired limbs is extra good.

Have a big glass of water, or two, and some vitamins if you take them.

Get dressed, all the way. Including your socks if you wear them (you can leave your shoes near the door for now if you don't wears shoes inside). Even if you're not going anywhere, dress like you are.  You never know who might pop in or when one of the kids will need an emergency dash to the hospital. Seriously. Especially if you have boys.  Don’t put your pjs or dressing gown back on.

When you are ready to face your family/room mates/guests etc, smile and be nice - it can be hard when you are tried and grumpy (believe me, I know), but smiles are usually returned.  Hug a child or pat the dog or kissed your loved one too - it really makes you feel better.

Put on some music - even just the radio, just not a depressing news station.  I love classical fm in the mornings as it's relaxing, but they also have the odd number we all love and sing or dance to.  I keep meaning to get my resident teenager to make a selection of music for difference mealtimes, but we are still working on that.

Eat something. Coffee or juice by itself doesn't count, and don't even consider soft drink or soda. You need breakfast even if it's just a smoothie (fruit with greens such as spinach blended with a little water or orange juice is great). Setting the table for breakfast with the family always make me feel organised and calm. Home made wholemeal bread (sliced from the freezer) toasted with a little jam makes me feel special, and porridge makes me feel extra healthy.

Do one thing to make your house or room a little better and less messy for when you get home - make the bed, open the curtains, clean up the dog vomit (no, I am not kidding) clean the sink or turn on the dishwasher.

Have a magazine or book of quotes near the kitchen or porch so you can read a little in a spare minute (like while waiting for the kids to get that one last thing or change their shoes, again). 

 Breathe......think  (life is good)........imagine (calm blue ocean).........

Then remember to grab some long life milk for the pantry and extra bread for the freezer on the way home - and don't forget extra toilet paper because that is the most important grocery item ever.

Do you eat breakfast?  What grocery item can't you live without.

Deb xxx

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