Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Going to the Dentist

My oven cleaning plans were interrupted today, as I managed to get an appointment at the dentist.

At the dentist 1936
I had put it off, then I was ill, but now I am determined to get all my health issues sorted. I think I am still put off by visits to the dentist as a young girl in the early 70s - my dentist was about 100 and still had his original office set up from about the 1920s. There were big old leather chairs and a really big noisy drill -still have night mares about getting fillings!

Dr Withers, Utah, 1930s
 My dentist now is a lovely Indian lady, who is gentle and unassuming and quite painless.  She reassured me that the one filling I thought I needed I didn't, as my teeth are just getting sensitive because of a slightly receding gum line.  The major issue, the collapse of a tooth over an old root canal , is fixable, and will cost less than $2,000, so I am pretty happy.  I have to go back for two more visits over the next few days, and then in a fortnight for the crown to be fitted when it's back from the lab.

Lavoris Ad, USA (1920)

Now I just have to do as my dentist tells me - FLOSS and only use toothpaste for sensitive teeth.  She's so nice I promised I would.  I really don't want to end up with some of these:

George Washington's false teeth of hippo ivory
Have been to the dentist lately?

Deb xxx

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