Thursday, 21 March 2013

30s Thoughts - Rain and Rain Wear

We have had a lot of rain here recently. A lot. A few weeks ago we received 30cm in one day, and we have been close to flooding several times, like some of our neighbouring towns. So today, as rain is on my mind, some rainy day images from the 1930s.

A wet Angel Place, Sydney, 1930s
Heavy rain in Sydney, 1935

Rain, Martin Place Sydney, 1937

Summer rain in Railway Square, Sydney, Australia, 1935

A walk in the rain, New York, 1938

And what to wear on a rainy day?

Rain wear of 1937/8

Coats in rubberized silk crepe de chine or cotton tweed,  or cotton gaberdine or whipcord- which were both supposed to be water repellent on their own.  There's also sensible head-wear, umbrellas, and rubber overshoes (which are made of rubber and hollow in the heel so that you can slip your regular footwear inside) - such a good idea. At the moment I tend to wear platform wedge sandals, as its summer here, and they keep my feet above the puddles. 

Oh, to look this stylish in the rain!

Walking in the rain, 1930s
More images on tumblr.

Deb xx


  1. So glad I found your blog! The 1920's-50's greatly inspire me, so having a blog on the 20's and 30's is so lovely! It's been raining like mad here too. I think it'd be lovely to have rain coats like the ones picture above, but sadly I only have a long shawl and a small cape. Still, so lovely to see!

    1. Thank you Kassidy. Let's hope we get some sunny days soon!


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