Monday, 22 April 2013

Not 'sew' good - my wardrobe update

Well, the sewing isn't going too well.  I managed to cut out the wrong size skirt pattern - I measured my bust, but not hips, it seems.  So it turned out a little small, an then I cut it down, thinking to put on a simple waistband, and that didn't really work either.  I also remember now why I love the long, slim 30s silhouettes - flared skirts, even the slightly flared ones of the late 30s and early 40s, are not a good look on me. A good lesson I think!

Lane Bryant dress for stout women, 1930s
I think I will definitely buy a suit (when I can afford it), and stick with making dresses.

You'll see from previous posts that I have a slight obsession with blue and orange at the moment.  Yesterday when I was walking through our local department store, looking at winter shoes, I almost tripped over a rack of dress with a big '$20 and under' sign.  I had to look of course, and behold - blue and orange!

A simple, sleeveless linen/rayon shift, with a 3/4 length hemline, so a 30s feel, even though it's not fitted, and perfect for our hot days here.  And I love the pleating detail.  For the price of $17.50 (down from $159) I really could not have made it.  It was a size too large, so I had to take in the side seams - so I managed to do some useful sewing after all!

I also managed to get some vintage look blouses at the thrift shop. And a brown pin stripe suit, which is too small but I couldn't resist - I can wear the jacket undone, and maybe turn the pants into a skirt.

All that for $10, plus a few other things for the kids. The blouses will be good when the weather cools down, if it ever does, and should go well with the brown gored skirt that I bought last year (also thrifted).

I am trying to find a nice winter felt hat, and a pair of black shoes, as my favourite pumps have died. I'll start taking photos of outfits soon, and I really need to clean out the closet. Maybe I'll do a post about that, so I can work out what I have and NEED - properly.

Deb xx

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