Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Blue inspiration in Mid-century living rooms

Blue - pale blue, sky blue and that almost aqua blue - is my favourite colour at the moment - perhaps because of my daily beach walk.  I am thinking about painting a wall blue or recovering my mid-century chairs in blue fabric.  I got two of these for $8 each at the thrift shop last week!

I am in the midst of repainting and redecorating the house, especially the living room (as you may be able to tell by my obsessive blog posts).  My son and his girlfriend have just moved out, so with that sense of freedom comes the desire to redecorate.  Apparently I am a bit mad!  But after ten years with the same wall colour I am ready for a change.  Some before and afters soon.

In the meantime - inspiration!  Blue and white go great together of course, and I love a little red for extra colour.  This room has no natural timber except for the sofa base, so the gold-yellow fabric adds a warming timber -like touch.  And isn't that chair great?!

I love this blue sofa and matching rug.

Mid-century living room with blue sofa and rug

Another blue sofa, and matching dining chairs.  Love the lights above the table too.

mid-century living dining room with blue accents
This blue wall with sunbursts makes the room so happy!

mid-century living room with blue wall and sunbursts
The blue painted brick walls and ceiling look great with the timber furniture.  The floor cushions are a great idea too.
Mid-century living dining room with blue walls
This modern room has a great mid-century feel to it, and I love the blue wallpaper.

I have also ordered some blue dining room chairs - Eames replicas.  They should be here soon!

Replica Eames chairs in blue
Replica Eames chairs

Deb xx


  1. Those chairs are a bargain! I think they would look great in blue.

  2. me too - although hubby thinks I will get bored of them soon!


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