Thursday, 1 August 2013

3 Mid-Century Style Dining Chairs

So I have ordered my new dining chairs. It was a hard decision, and here are the three designs I came down to - all are mid-century designs available as replicas.

1. DCM (dining chair metal) and DCW (dining chair wood)

Designed in 1946 by Charles and Ray Eames, the DCW  and DCM Dining Chairs are perhaps  the most famous chairs of the century.  Both feature moulded plywood with natural face veneers, hardwood inner pies and a five ply seat and back.  The DCM has polished chrome plated legs and  frame with self leveling glides and the DCW has timber legs. 

75 cm high, 52 cm wide seat, 44 cm seat height

Eames molded dining Chair-DCM
Eames molded dining Chair-DCM
 Eames DCW Plywood Chair
Licensed chairs by Herman Miller available in light Ash, Walnut, Natural Cherry and Ebony. Replicas in oak,ash or walnut at around $290.

These are vintage items. Expect to pay around $150 to $200 per chair.

2. CH24 Hans Wegner 'Wishbone' Chair
Inspired by traditional Ming chairs, Hans Wegner designed his  Wishbone Chair or Y Chair in 1950 and it is a classic piece of Danish mid-century furniture design.  Made of timber with natural cord caning.

75 cm high, 52 cm wide seat, 45 cm seat height. 

CH24 Hans Wegner 'Wishbone' Chair
CH24 Hans Wegner 'Wishbone' Chair

Replicas available in natural ash timber, beech, ash with walnut stain or ash with black stain with either black or natural cord sea at around $289.

3. Moulded Plastic Dining Side chair Wood base (DSCW) and DSCR (Dining Side Chair Rod)

Also designed by Ray and Charles Eames, in 1950, the Dining Side chair Wood base (DSW) is the wooden-legged version of the celebrated DSR dining chair and has maple wooden dowell legs. Both have a  rigid moulded polypropylene or fibreglass seat.  The DSR  has stainless steel Eiffel legs and base. As indicated by the name, this dining chair's legs' shape are inspired by the Eiffel tower and the geometric patterns that the crossing beams create.

80 cm high, 47 cm wide seat, 45 cm seat height. 

Eames Dining Chair replica
Herman Miller licensed Eames DSCW

Licensed Herman Miller chairs are about $275, and replicas usually start at $56.  Both are available in a wide range of funky colours, like blue. If found mine here for even less.

Oh, and they just arrived!  Three big boxes and I just had to screw the bases to the seats. Easy!

replica Eames moulded plastic dining chair in blue

Deb xx

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