Thursday, 24 October 2013

Vintage and Retro Beachwear for Fun in the Sun

The weather is hotting up here and my thoughts are turning to swimming (Well, when I'm not thinking about the bush fires). The kids have been swimming for the past few weeks, but it has to be really hot for me to dip into the pool or ocean. But you can still wear beachwear, even if you don't swim, right?

I found these lovely beachwear ideas and just had to share.

vintage 1950s swimwear

vintage 1950s swimwear

All from 1950! I love that lime green playsuit, don't you? And here's a sweet swimsuit ad, also from 1950.

Scamp swimsuits, 1950
For more vintage swimsuit ad, click on my tumblr link!

There are lots of great retro swimsuits available on-line. Some of my favorite on-line stores include -

Siren Swimwear in Australia, who have this great bikini for around $190.

My Sister Pat, also in Australia, who have retro swimwear and beach cover-ups. I love this bikini, around $160.

Beyond the Sea, a fairly new Aussie label, has a great range of retro swimwear, in sizes 8 to 20. How cute is this? About $170.

Etsy is great for hand made retro swimwear. Outer Limitz is based in the UK and has a range of retro swimsuits in sizes XS to XXL (they also have vintage swimwear).  This cute polka dot dress has matching knickers under - not for actual swimming, but cute for poolside lounging or walking on the beach. Around $90.

Pin-up Couture swimwear is always lovely, and sometimes stunning like this green bombshell number, about $90.  You can find them at Pin-up Girl Clothing based in the US.  They also have detachable swim-skirts which turn your one-piece into a dress, perfect for beach side dinners.

Luckily it's my birthday soon - now to choose........



  1. I love the idea of a beach-jacket. Firstly because I NEVER sunbathe and secondly because I´m more comfortable a bit dressed up on the beach, when I´m not in the water. That could be an useful idea, whenever its summer again in Sweden:)

    1. I never sunbath either, in fact I only go int the sun early morning and late afternoon - I am probably the palest person in Queensland! I'll have some beach jacket patterns coming up soon.


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