Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Vintage Outfit Post and a Garden

I recently bought this dress on Etsy, and today was actually cool enough for me to wear it for the first time.

It is made of gray-brown chambray and has yarn like brown and white trim on the collar and pockets, brass buttons all the way down the front, tight, curve hugging skirt with a kick pleat in back.  It's label is 'Young Size', a 1955-1963 Union label.  It's actually more brown than in the photo, and also nicer in real life.

As it's a 'secretary dress' I wore it to work. My boss/husband was quite happy  - "very, very nice." and my mother-in-law, who is visiting at present, also commented that it was "very nice," and "did you buy it at Myers?" Umm, not exactly.

By the way, it is actually Spring here, but the tree behind me has just had Autumn, Winter and Spring in a period of two weeks. It is now flowering for the first time since I planted it about four or five years ago.

Lychee Flowers?
I am pretty sure it's a Lychee fruit tree. Pretty sure. (See, this is why I blog, so I remember!)  If you know for sure what it might be, please let me know!

Here is my youngest daughter and the tree when we first did the garden bed - we put down cardboard over the barley dug grass and water and mulched over it. This is the front yard, and fruit trees, vegies and herbs are a bit different for a front yard here.

Here she is now (looking really impressed). They've both grown!

I'll update you about the fruit soon - I hope!


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