Saturday, 21 December 2013

My Life as a Mid-Century Housewife - an Update

It's been four months since I wrote about my plans to be more like a 1950s, mid-century housewife (which you can read here).  So how have I done?

Well, coincidently this four months has also been a time or little income - the trials of being self-employed - so things like making all meals from scratch have been a necessity.  We treat our selves with takeaway for lunch once a week - usually sushi for me and noodles for my husband.  We do sit and have lunch together every day, which as we work together is usually easy,despite the odd phone-call.  My meal planning has consisted of me going to the supermarket, grabbing what ever meat and veg are on special and planning from there for the next few days.  I usually shop twice a week, to ensure we always have fresh greens - we are green smoothie nuts, and all six of us have one every morning.  And my vegie garden was planted - although it's almost finished now as it's hard to keep growing through summer here.

Napro tint cream, vintage ad from 1960
Napro tint cream, 1960
I have been trimming and colouring my own hair, which has saved a lot of money over the last six months, and as I have gone darker, this is easy to do.   I have also invested in pin-clips and setting lotion (which you can find here) and been experimenting with pin curls instead of using my heated rollers - which I think my hair is happy about.  And I've gone back to using real lipstick instead of the 8 hour stuff - the colour is so much better.

Cut a pretty figure, 1952
Cut a pretty figure, 1952
My wardrobe.  Well I did re-evaluate it.  And planned.  And then I bought a new dress with some birthday money from my lovely MIL.  I am sewing something though - a dress for my daughter (more on that later).

I have been working 8.30 to 3,picking up kids from school, going home and organising dinner, laundry and homework and then driving back to collect  my husband from the office (it's a 10 to 15 minute drive), so I haven't done that much housework.   It gets wept and mopped, toilets scrubbed etc, but the windows haven't been cleaned.  Now it's school holidays I may enlist the kids to help, but it's so hot we spend most of the day in the pool or at the beach. And truly, trying to keep it tidy with them all home is tiring!

Pledge spray wax, perfect for that timber laminate dining table, 1961
Pledge spray wax, perfect for that timber laminate dining table, 1961
I have even been doing the ironing - I watch an old movie on the weekend and get it all done.  Keeping him happy in the bedroom though - I must admit not really.  I think we have both been too exhausted - and did just have our 23rd wedding anniversary - but I shall try these holidays!

Now that the rain is here the pool needs extra cleaning and the nature strip needs mowing - if I am lucky my husband will attend to those jobs. I must admit that I did get a bit slack with exercise, only walking a couple of times a week,   but now we walk every afternoon and play cricket with the kids.

So what are my goals now?
  • to be fashionable and attractive - like the ideal housewife - but happy in my own skin;
  • to get fitter and eat healthier - and drink less red wine;
  • to have a lovely, tidy home that we like to spend time in and is always ready for company;
  • to cook and prepare healthy meals that everyone loves, and avoid processed foods; 
  • to actually sew and make an amazing dress- for me!
  • to get involved in a community or volunteering event that I will also enjoy;
  • to be more romantic with my husband; and
  • to have a weekly family outing - a drive somewhere different and a picnic perhaps.
Of course I also need to make sure all the Christmas presents are bought and wrapped, and sent, and I am thinking about taking the kids on a road trip to the Sunshine Coast after Christmas.  Otherwise we may just pitch the tent in the back yard by the pool!

Deb xx

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