Saturday, 7 December 2013

Six on Saturday - Vintage Coolie Hats

Marion Davies in Coolie hat c. 1930s
Marion Davies in Coolie hat c. 1930s
My great new idea of Five on Friday has changed into Six on Saturday this week, as Friday was just too busy.  Inspired by my other blog - The Wartime Woman - where I looked at the perfect outfit for Victory Gardening, included a coolie hat - today six stunning vintage coolie hats that are for sale on Etsy and elsewhere.

Bette Davis,in coolie hat 1941
Bette Davis, 1941
 Asian inspired, the Coolie Hat was a popular form of headwear in the 1930s and 40s, sometimes like an extended beret, and so instead of straw are make of wool felt, while others have a straw base that has been embellished with feathers or other decoration.  This hat from 1950 (below left) is a loosely woven straw coolie.

Dior Suits with Coolie hat, 1950
To the six - 

1. From Covi's Vintage Cave, a 1950s Orange Felt Coolie Type Hat, $24.

2. From Denisebrain a 1950s Michael Terre Black Velour Hat with Beading, Rhinestones & Veil Ties, $77.

 3. From Road Less Traveled Vintage, this 1934 Honey Beige Straw Tilt Hat with Fuzzy Wool Grape Applique, around $95 (it's on special!).

4. From the Golden Hanger, a Hot Pink Feather Vintage 1950's Coolie Style Hat, $39.

5. From Amanda's Attic Vintage a 1940's "Henry Ross, Paris" Black Silk Velvet Coolie Hat with Tie Veil & Rhinestones, $100.

6. And from Vintage Polka DotCom this Vintage Oriental Bamboo Coolie Hat with aqua feathers, $26.

I love the orange one - do you have a favorite?

Deb xx

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  1. Very interesting post thank you for sharing and the Honey Beige Straw Tilt Hat is perfect for victory gardening


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