Monday, 13 July 2015

Vintage Beauty - Looking after your legs

As I get older I find high heels more and more uncomfortable to wear. As I work from home, and live in the tropics, these days I mostly wear sandals or thongs (flip flops), or in winter low heeled or flat Mary Janes - they have a great vintage vibe and are very comfortable and supporting. 

Even in the 50s the overuse of high heels was warned against. The Australian women's Mirror in December 1959 stated:

"It is not to be expected that any of us will wish to refrain absolutely from wearing high heels, but whenever possible we should save them for dress-up occasions and wear moderate or low heeled shoes during the day or while we are working." 

They continued with -

Another solution for leg pain was the right stockings, or support hose. The one issue of the magazine had these two ads -

vintage 1950s stocking ad

They look a lot better than the support stockings they give you in hospital or on a long distance flight don't they. And if doctors approved, that makes them an essential health aid doesn't it?!

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  1. This is a very interesting topic that I never really thought of and I really like the original ads. To me flat shoes are really uncomfortable and I only wear sparingly. But I would never wear more than a 3" heel (my personal taste). It's always interesting to me to find out the affects of fashion on women. I'm one of those who dress for fashion and not for comfort. I really enjoy it but there'll surely be consequences later on.


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