Friday, 21 August 2015

Planning a Retro Wedding?

The death of my computer has meant that blogging has become difficult. I have worked out now how to blog from my iPad, sort of, so please bear with me. Adding photos and changing font still has me apprehensive!

Anyway, if you follow my tumble blog, which is easy to keep up with on an iPad, you will know I have been having a look at the 70s, and in particular 1975 - a mere 40 years ago. I was only little at the time, but I do remember a bit from 1975.  I had one of my aunts stay with me recently and she was married in 1975. I am trying to get one of her wedding photos, but in the meantime, if you are interested in having a retro 70s style wedding, here are some pics for you, and a pattern  for a crochet wedding dress, from 1975 (Australian Women's Weekly July 1975) -

The dresses are quite simple with a-line skirts and simple bodices.

This is actually lingerie, but wouldn't it make a stunning dress?

And here is the pattern.

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