Thursday, 29 November 2012

Ten Vintage Seahorses..under $10

Just because I need something calming to look at today, some seahorses.  In fact ten vintage seahorses....for $10.

Natural history print on Etsy
Vintage 60s bottle opener, via Ebay

Vintage soaps and soapdish, via Etsy

Vintage Style Seahorse Crystal Brooch via Fantasyard 
vintage cast metal ashtray via ebay
Vintage Avon bottle, via etsy
vintage clip on earrings from Ruby lane

vintage swizzle stick via ebay

Vintage reverse painted pendant, via Yesterdays Jewels
Tiffany & Co. Men's Tie via ebay
Well, I love all of them. And I feel much calmer now. What about you?

Deb xxx

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