Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Mid-Century Love at JCU Townsville

I have been on the road this past weekend, taking my daughter to Townsville to begin her university journey at James cook University (JCU). She will be studying pharmacy, but JCU is also well known for it's marine and tropical biology courses.

It's 400km to Townsville from Mackay, which makes it almost a five hour drive, allowing for a quick stop. In the rain it's a little longer.  And scarier.

Half way to Townsville
JCU is Queensland’s second oldest university, and began offering its first courses in Townsville in 1961, as an annex of the University of Queensland. JCU became a university in its own right on 20 April 1970. The proclamation was signed by Queen Elizabeth II at a special ceremony in Townsville, which took place 200 years, to the day, after the University’s namesake, explorer Captain James Cook, first sighted Australia.

The Queen at JCU, April 1970

In July 1966 the Hon. Harold E Holt, Prime Minister of Australia, laid the foundation stone of University Hall, where my daughter is staying.


The dorm rooms are bedroom size, with a slide up window to a teeny Romeo and Juliet balcony. There is a king-single bed, a built in desk and bookshelf, and a built in robe with two chest of movable drawers. There's no air-conditioner, but the ceiling fan works well. Here's her room.

Uni hall dorm room
Uni hall dorm room, view 2
 We brought a rug ($29), a lamp ($20) and a hammock for the balcony ($20), ans she brought her quilt from home (made by Grandma).

This is building that houses the dining room and the administration offices, just across a covered walkway - wonderful mid-century design.

University hall c.1966

Looking in at the dining room, university hall c.1966

Inside the dining room
The university is located a bit of a drive from the town centre and Townsville's highlight, the strand, and it's easy to get lost driving around Townsville.  Trust me - I spent an hour and a half trying to find my way back to the uni from the strand in the rain at night (my i-phone died so I had to try and find a real map). Looks easy though....

There's lots to do and see in Townsville (museums, water falls, an aquarium, magnetic Island etc ), and now that we have an excuse to visit we may get there a bit more often. 

Have you been to Townsville, or studied at JCU?

Deb xx


  1. Good lord...this is going to be me before I know it. It must have been so hard to see her go off to uni. (((hugs)))

    1. Thankyou - yes it was. I cried the night before we left, just with my husband! And when I got home from my trek, the other kids were all " Oh, I miss her so much already', rather than 'Hi Mum we missed you". lol

  2. love that she got a hammock for the veranda :)

    1. yes, now she just needs hooks to hang it up!

  3. congratulations to you & daughter on going to college… great pics!!


    1. thankyou, now she just has to be good and study....


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