Sunday, 24 March 2013

1930s Black & White Daywear Inspiration

In planning my 1930's style wardrobe, I've been looking at different colour ideas and combinations.

Today a look at black and white, always a stunning colour (or non-colour, if you want to get technical) combination, and easy to wear with different coloured accessories - like red.

Flat crepe black & white print dress with red buttons and belt, 1934
Red buttons with black and white seem to have been popular.
Late 30s checked dress with red buttons
Cotton voile dress and matching jacket and red buttons.
Large bows often feature, and were an easy item to attach to change the look of an outfit entirely.

Dress c. 1935
Carole Lombard, "Love Before Breakfast", 1936

1930s black silk velvet dress with white floral appliqu├ęs

Late 30s cotton day dress

 Katherine Hepburn wore black and white with panache.

Katherine Hepburn 1930s
Of course watching old 30s movies, all the clothes are black and white!

Marlene Dietrich, "Desire", 1936
Jean Harlow, "Beast of the City", 1932

Vintage Repro 1936 Black & White Handkerchief Linen Dress and Bolero Jacket

Although I do plan to sew most of my 30s wardrobe, from 30s patterns, I have a found a few modern 30s style dresses I love.  This one is from Chicstar, and it comes in plus sizes.

Fishtail Sailor Style Dress 
Deb xxx

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