Monday, 8 April 2013

My vintage wardrobe update

As much as I love the red, white and blue colour scheme, I have decided to base my 'new' vintage wardrobe on my new favourite color, burnt orange, and also navy blue. While in Brisbane a few weeks ago I had a manicure, and I picked Revlon's  'Inflame' for my nails.

I just fell in love with the colour, and while in Myers bought myself a new handbag, or 'tote' - the first in many years.  It's almost red it's so dark orange/tangerine.

I have just realised that this colour is very similar to the Pantone colour of the year last year -

Here it is in an original 1930s dress.

1930s stain dress in tangerine
I would love to find some fabric like that.  I have bought my first two patterns though,  (it was two for one at Spotlight), actually preproduction 1940 patterns, not truly 1930s.  They look simple enough for me. I hope.


I also bought some seersucker fabric for the dress in a navy print with touches of that tangerine colour that I thought looked quite vintage.

I also found navy blue suiting fabric at the thrift shop, 2m of one sort and 3m of another crepe fabric, and a silky print that might make a nice blouse.

So my plan for now is:
A navy skirt
Navy pants
Two patterned short sleeve or sleeveless blouses
A navy jacket - short sleeve I think
A dress in the navy seersucker

I would also like to find a nice greyish-beige fabric to make the pants and skirt and maybe another jacket. And another dress.  I would love to knit or crochet a shirt sleeve sweater, if my knitting improves, although I do have a short sleeve cardigan in tangerine, and a knit top in a similar colour that looks sort of vintage. I wore the cardi with my favourite vintage style blouse the other day.

I have made something this week too! I just finished a scarf, using this 1930s pattern (which I'll put on my free patterns page).

Little Scarf
I'm finding the knitting quite relaxing, although I am still learning as I go. This scarf actually turned out to be too small for me - they obviously had thinner necks in 1930 - so I am going to give it to my daughter for her birthday in a few days time.  She has been following my progress carefully, and I know she loves it.  If you try the pattern, I suggest you measure your neck and make the neck piece at least that long.

I'll have to try and find a tangerine coloured wool and make another one, a little longer.

Deb xxx


  1. Love the orange and navy color scheme! Can't wait to see everything when you've finished.

    1. Thankyou! i am wearing an orange/tangerine top today, with brown pants, and it just make me feel cheery - especially when it's raining like today.

  2. I am really into that orange too...I have a 1960s jacket in it, found a modern dress. Now I want that nail enamel!

    1. I found a lovely 60s boucle jacket in that colour too - I can imagine you in it! The nail polish is Revlon's new line here, number 130 - good luck!


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