Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Vintage Sandals & Healthy Heels

I am in love.

With these shoes from 1950.....

vintage 1950s ad for high heeled sandals

Actually I just love the ad - although that orange/red/tangerine pair is just what I need.

Unfortunately my time machine is broken, so here are a few modern interpretations on my list -

Caparros Highlight Strappy Heels, around $60
Caparros Highlight Strappy Heels, around $60

A little high for everyday perhaps, but lovely for evening. I quite like these blue sandals - they have a thicker heel, but I am not sure about a suede finish for summer. What do you think?

Lucinda by Corelli $70
I like the color of these, and the thicker heel (apparently called a 'puppy' heel, as apposed to a 'kitten' heel). Hmm, might go try these ones on.

Evelina by Corelli $70
OK, these ones are only on my 'when I win a million dollars' list -

Christian Dior  Hot Pink And Neon Yellow Patent Leather Peep Toe Platform Sandals, $950
Christian Dior Hot Pink And Neon Yellow Patent Leather Peep Toe Platform Sandals, $950

By the way, did you know that the oldest known sandals (and the oldest known footwear of any type) were discovered in Fort Rock Cave in the U.S. state of Oregon -  radiocarbon dating indicates an age of at least 10,000 years!

And as to the health benefits of sandals -

  • In warm climates (like Queensland) sandals help keep your feet cool and dry, and the risk of developing athlete's foot is lower than with enclosed shoes.  Wearing sandals is often part of the treatment regimen for the infection.
  • A report in 2008 suggested that wearing high heels may improve the muscle tone of a woman's pelvic floor, thus having a potential effect on female stress urinary incontinence. 
  • Wearing high heels may make women less likely to develop arthritic changes in the knee joint in later life.

    So high heeled sandals are actually good for you - I wonder if we can claim them on health insurance?!

    ♥ Deb


    1. I've always heard that high heels are not good for you, it's nice to know that something changed in that area. *^o^* Even though I'm tall I love high heels and wear them often.

    2. i love them but I can't wear heels!! agh!!


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