Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Aris Allen Shoes and a Shoeseum

 I LOVE vintage shoes.  (You may have noticed that about me!).  I can't fit into them of course - I am a size 9, or 41 - but I love the style of them.  I usually make do with ads and illustrations.  Like these.

vintage shoe illustrations, 1940s
Shoes of 1941.

Beggood, The friendly footwear, 1952, vintage shoes
The friendly footwear, 1952
Today I have found another source for drooling - The Arris Allen Baltimore Shoesuem! Yes 'Shoesuem'. Aris Allen make reproduction swing era shoes, which led them to begin this museum.  If you live in Baltimore you can visit it at their factory, otherwise you can head right over to their online collection.
There are shoes from around 1900 to the 1950s, as well as swing era artefacts such as flyers and ads.  How gorgeous are these?!

1940s Carved and Painted Strappy Wood Wedge with Embroidered Velvet Uppers
1940s Carved and Painted Strappy Wood Wedge with Embroidered Velvet Uppers

Once you've done at the Shoesuem, you can also head over to the Met Museum to see their collection, which include this racing car shoe from 1965.

vintage 1960s racing car shoe
Katharina Denzinger c. 1965 for Herbert Levine
Don't you love armchair time travelling?!



  1. I love Aris Allen styles too (though I am yet to own a pair!) Wow, can't believe there is a 'shoeseum' !! Would love to visit there if I lived in the States.

    I have small feet (UK size 3-4/ European 36-37) but I struggle to find vintage shoes that fit! Most are too narrow but I have been lucky enough to buy some pairs! And it's the one thing I always look to buy when I go to vintage fairs.

    1. They must have had tiny feet back in the day. I have a pair of 50s Lucite heels that are tiny - actually I gave them to my daughter for her 8th birthday - her princess shoes' - they fit her perfectly!


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