Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Vintage Fashion and Patterns - 1950s French Style

I just love the 1950s silhouette - the nipped in waists, the straight and slim below knee length skirts, and the loose flowing jackets.  These illustrations are  of Paris fashion of July 1952.  I would love that blue suit...


...and here is a super easy little blouse to sew (from The Australian Women's Weekly, July 1952) that would be perfect under one of those lovely suits.

It's on my list to do....


  1. This is gorgeous, I love the instruction 'this is the only yarn that is to be used'!

  2. Ah... Whilst I can admire the 50's silhouette, to wear it I couldn't. For many reasons! What I'd explore is that green coat just to the left of your blue suit. Thank you for this pattern, which looks to have comfortable possibilities!

    1. Oh yes, I don't have the figure for that blue suit either, but that green coat would be lovely. If only we had a real winter here in QLD!


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