Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Striped Dresses and a Birthday

I have been obsessing over 1950's dresses, again.  And seeing it's my birthday, I thought I'd treat myself and spend an hour or two going through my vintage 50s mags for some more inspiration.  I love these simple striped dresses...

1950s vintage striped dress

1950s vintage striped dress
They have full skirts, using a princess line instead of gathers, which I find more slimming.  I do have some orange and white striped cotton fabric that would be lovely for a summer dress - maybe a pattern like this would work.

50s dress pattern
My husband did fix my sewing machine for me on the weekend - a list of 'fix-it ' jobs was my birthday wishlist this year - so I really have no excuse now not to sew.  If I can just find my sewing scissors....

Anyway, I did even manage to go to the office for a few hours today, and was bought my favourite Salmon sushi for a very late lunch.  As it's raining, well bucketing actually, here, the kids and I watched a moive after school, and then they gave me some pointers in the 'Nut bush' and 'Macarena', so I am ready for Aimee's primary school graduation night in a few weeks. 

Anyway, have a lovely day, and to my fellow Queenslander's, try to stay dry, and away from hail stones! (My daughter is at 'schoolies' in Airlie Beach, and it's rained no-stop - poor kids! )

Deb xx


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And may you get some really good fix-it-gifts for your big day:) And be happy its just raining, over here the snow is well on it´s way....

    1. Thank you Angeline! Oh snow, I haven't seen any for years. And yes I have cupboard handles now and a tap that doesn't spin. Lucky me!


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