Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Vintage Beauty - a Honey Face Mask & ideas from the 1930s

Face masks are something I always love, and have rarely bought from a store.  Home-made face masks are easy and fun, and really simple. I used to use just plain yoghurt on my face, but now I find my skin a bit too sensitive for that.  Egg white is great, but it feels really weird and drying when on (you can also use the yolk to condition your hair). Mashed banana is interesting, but my favourite would have to be just plain honey.

A Honey Face Mask
  • Start with a freshly cleansed face (I find a bicarb soda scrub then an apple cider vinegar tone and tepid water splash great) 
  • Smear on the honey (use a spoon to put some on your clean fingers). 
  • Avoid your eyes, but do your lips, and make sure your hair is tied well back or in a shower cap. The honey goes on easily and tends to sink into the skin, so it's quite easy to wash off.  
  • I like to lie down for about 10 minutes while it's working its magic!
If you want to be more creative, add a little milk and witch hazel to the honey, as suggested in this article from 1936.

vintage 1930s face mask ideas

You'll see the other ideas include oats mixed with warm milk, egg yolk and almond oil, fresh yeast and milk, and the egg-white mask.  The last mask, or astringent pack, is really the only one you couldn't eat!

After the mask you can rinse your face in water with a squeeze of lemon juice, as done by actress Beverly Roberts in the photo above.  Beverly lived to 95, and had beautiful skin all her life.  Here is a photo of her aged 93 - amazing!

Beverly Roberts, age 93 with a friend, who can't help touch her wonderful skin!
Definitely time for a face mask tonight, don't you think?

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