Sunday, 18 March 2012

Why I love cherry red

When I was little my favourite color was yellow – bright, sunny cheerful.  Now I love red.  Is it because its the color of love and passion? I have red shoes, dresses, dishes, tablecloths, hats, teapots, and even a red couch.  My car is also red.  It’s not this car, however.  
The iconic 1961 Ferrari GT in red
The iconic 1961 Ferrari GT

The iconic 1961 Ferrari GT -  I first saw one in Ferris Bueller’s day off, one of the first movies I saw with my then boyfriend (now husband) in 1986. He also used to buy me red roses……

Romantic red roses
Romantic red roses
To be fair, roses do not last long or grow where we live in Queensland, and he doesn’t buy them often anymore.  Instead we have red hibiscus in our garden.

tropical loving red Hibiscus

red juicy cherries
mmmm, cherries
Cherries are very special here, and a summer and Christmas treat.  When I lived in Sweden as a child for a year in 1977 we had a cherry tree in our front yard – heaven.  We also collected lingon berries in the forest.

lingon berries
lingon berries
As a young girl I loved to watch classic Hollywood movies with mum on the weekends, as we did sewing and ironing.   Was this the start of my love affair with vintage, and with red lips…

hRita Hayworth advertising tru color lipstick for max Factor, 1940s

After we were married, hubby and I moved to North East Victoria, a great red wine producing area.  Our lovely neighbour introduced us to the drop, which I still enjoy.

Some red I am still aiming for:
The perfect red dress

  Vintage  50s Red Silk Wiggle Dress

and shoes
Vintage 40's Red Leather Shoes - Peep Toe - 6

What’s your favourite colour?

Deb xx


  1. Lovely photos, I am totally in love with that car its gorgeous! I love red too, it is a gorgeous colour but I'm really liking turquoise at the moment! XxxX


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