Saturday, 3 August 2013

My New Dining Room!

Have I mentioned I am redecorating?!

With my son moving out we have rearranged rooms, so the four kids are now all downstairs - with their own living room, sofa and TV -  and upstairs is like grown up heaven.  One bedroom has now become the dining room, as a table for six always felt a little crowded in the kitchen area.

Dining area in the kitchen before
Now my plan is to put in a breakfast bar at the edge of the kitchen benches, with some barstools, and have the kitchen dining area with just two comfy chairs - an area we can sit and chat while we get dinner ready or sit and have a drink.  I'll probably get around to changing the colours, but at the moment it's like this.

All I have done is freshen up the panel with some pale grey paint, and recovered and painted some old chairs I had on the veranda.

My colour scheme has gone from dark beige (Dulux 'Zulu Plains'), brown and red, to white (Dulux 'natural white'), blue, grey and a touch of red.

So this was before - a bedroom - it's quite a dark room:

And this is now.  We are using the room as a study too, so the bookshelf contains reference books and the novels I don't mind lending out (my favourites live in the bedroom).

It's Not quite finished yet, still some more art to go up, and maybe a rug under the table. Maybe sheer curtains instead of the Venetians, although they are very mid-century.  And I am looking for a mid-century console buffet to replace the chest of drawers I'm using now.  But you get the idea.

Cost - around $300:
paint (Dulux 'Nntural white') - $71 for 4 litres
chairs (Eames reproduction in blue) - $253 for six
table - vintage c. 1960 from thrift shop $20

The blue carafe with round lid was a gift from my mother in law - she bought it in about 1955.  The blue and gold set I got at the thrift shop last week, (originally priced at $8 but it was half price!), and the cat also thrifted, $2.

My husband dearly wants to remove the laminate top from the dining table, and sand it back, but I quite like it.  I found this ad in a 1961 copy of Australian Home Beautiful, which makes me love it even more!

Next the living room!

Deb xxx


  1. SWOON! I dream about the day my house can be all grown up and not covered in school books and craft projects and colouring ins all over the wall.

  2. Yes, well my kids had coloured in the actual walls, so repainting was a definite necessity!


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