Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Magazine Monday, Aussie Actresses & Phryne Fisher

To get a bit of order into this new blog I thought a bit of weekly structure would be nice.  This is what I am going to aim to do (but if I meander a little off the path don’t hate me!)

Magazine Monday - share pages from my collection of vintage magazines, or modern mags with a vintage feel
Thrift share Tuesday - share my best weekly thrift shop finds, and link to others
Wearable Vintage Wednesday - share a vintage piece from my collection and it's background or history
Thursday Threads - share my latest attempt at sewing, sewing tips I've found or a vintage pattern find
Freaky Retro Friday -  share an odd or whacky retro piece from my collection or others on the web
So you think you can cook Saturday - share a vintage recipe or one of our family favourites
Scenic Sunday - share a photo from my beautiful hometown of Mackay in Queensland, Australia on the day I actually get out of the house with the family (or on holiday if that EVER happens) or failing that a scene from one of my favourite movies

This should hopefully be interesting, entertaining, educational and FUN!
So today, being Monday, it’s Magazine Day.  This week photos have a vintage feel, and are  from Brisbane’s ‘U on Sunday’ Magazine that comes with the Courier Mail. The feature was 'Retro Races' with Aussie actress Anna McGahan in 20s and 30s inspired outfits.

So gorgeous!  They also bring to mind the lovely Phryne  (pronounced Fry-knee) Fisher Stories from Kerry Greenwood, that are now being made into a television series, set to be aired in 2012.  Set in Melbourne in the  late 1920s, the outfits will no doubt be incredible (not to mention the furnishings and cars).

Produced by Every Cloud Productions, it will feature Essie Davis (Cloudstreet, The Slap), Nathan Page (Underbelly, All Saints), Miriam Margoyles (Babe, Harry Potter) and Hugo Johnstone-Burt (Cloudstreet). Essie Davis grew up in Tasmania, so hopefull she will lend a nice Aussie feel to the shows.  She has Phyrne's petite frame too, so the clothes should look amazing on her.

Have a lovely vintage day!


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