Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Thrift Share Tuesday


This weeks treasures from my travels around town include a gorgeous red felt hat, white gloves, and a quilt.  A beautiful, hand made quilt made by a grandma for her grandson.  A bit of a sad find (or outrageous if, like my mother, you are a quilter), but I will love it.


Next some lovely retro cotton upholstery fabric with pink magnolia blossom, enough for one chair I think, and a crocheted scarf or belt.


Some vintage cufflinks (great for Christmas for the boys). One has lovely real stones.


And just a couple of vintage patterns for little girls clothes, some books and doilies – one in red!

   PA110004 PA110008 

Ahhh, some more sewing to be done!

Have a great vintage day,



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