Thursday, 16 May 2013

1930s Makeup inspiration

Today some makeup inspiration from the 1930s with colour portraits and illustrations.

Cathleen Sabine Follett (née Mann), 1932

1930s rouge ad

Bette Davis 1930s

Savage make-up, 1930s.

Claudette Colbert illustration, 1930s

Joan Blondell - Screenland Magazine Cover 1930's

Joan Blondell, 1930s
Jean Arthur, 1930s

Jean Arthur, 1939

Carole Lombard on the cover, 1936
Carole Lombard, 1930s
1936 Savage Lipstick ad

McCalls Magazine, 1937.
Rita Hayworth, late 30s
The basic rules seem to be:

  1. Pale face, getting slightly darker to the end of the decade
  2. Lots of rouge over the most of the cheek, getting more subtle to the end of the decade
  3. Thin, high arched eyebrows, darkened slightly, getting thicker towards the end of the decade 
  4. Blue, green or brown eye-shadow over the lid, but pale higher towards the eyebrow
  5. Lots of mascara, especially towards the outer eye
  6. Deep coral, pink or red lipstick with plump kissable lips
Personally I don't wear eye-shadow as I find it irritating, but I do everything else - A primer, then mineral face powder (it's too hot here for liquid make-up), a bit of blush, mascara, all day red or orange/red lipstick with its gloss cover coat, and eyebrow pencil. Done in about 5 minutes.  In summer if I get my lashes and brows tinted I skip those two steps, but I cannot go a day without lipstick.  Even if I am just at home, it's makes me happier to see cheery red lips, and the all day wear stuff is great - I only put a coat of gloss on once during the day, and my lips don't dry out. I found a great article about the history of long wear lipstick here, if you're interested.

1930s Kissproof Cosmetics
What about you - do you love make-up? What couldn't you live without?

Deb xx


  1. Oh gosh makeup is so wonderful~ I like the 1930's makeup styles except for the pencil thin eyebrows- can't do it! But I think I'm more for the 20's makeup (flappers!!!). I love wearing dark purple lipstick or bright pinks. Sometimes I think I'm either a Barbie from the 80's or a vamp from the 20's :D

  2. I can't do pencil thin either - I think many got rid of the whole thing and just drew them on. My aunt did this in the 60s, and they never grew back! I haven't tired purple lately, but I can see you as a flapper - much cuter than barbie!

  3. So glamourous! I really love the 30s...
    Thank you for sharing :)


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