Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Thrift Share Tuesday, silver & polishing


A must buy every week in my thrift shop excursions is ‘something to polish.” My three youngest children, especially my 6 year old son, love to polish.  Here he is polishing the toast rack I bought recently – we love Silvo (which has big warnings about keeping it way from children on it, but I supervise and make sure they don’t drink it – if you read Agatha Christie you will know it’s poisonous!) Old toothbrushes are handy for getting into little crevices (make sure it’s old and not your sisters ),

PA230004 PA230003 PA230005

We put the polish on with paper towel, or old cut up cloths, wait a minute or two and then rub off – Easy!

Here is toast rack ($2) after polishing, along with the little gravy boat ($2.50) I found.  The toast rack is quite pitted, but still lovely and a hard item to find these days.


Here’s my other treasure  - a pair of vintage earrings ($3).  The have small blue rhinestones and pearls, on what could be real silver plate.  They have a stamp or mark on the back and a number, I think 35.  I am thinking 50s.  Any thoughts? Definitely a keeper.

PA240090   PA240093

Have a lovely vintage day.  I am off to the day job now,

Deb xx


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  1. What great finds--I love the cute little toast rack! It's nice to get the kids involved, isnt it? :) My daughter is already quite familiar with "treasure stores" as we call them, and she loves to go through the things I find.

  2. Treasure store - I love that! We call what I bring home treasure too. The toast rack is being used for letters at present, as we haven't had toast for a while!


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