Friday, 21 October 2011

Thursday Threads. Ebay & 1950s Dress Patterns


I am on a challenge this month to have 200 listings on ebay and etsy (combined!), so have been very busy listing items to sell.  I have put my prices up a little as I have been selling things the day after they’ve been listed, so I have realised I may be selling a little too cheaply.  One lovely lady bought 12 items (thankyou!), but this means I have been extra busy listing – and because each item is different there are photos to take and edit, measurements and then the listing, so it can be time consuming.  This is my hobby though, and it is more rewarding that paying video games!.

Enough excuses – but that is why I have had no time for sewing.  I really would love to attempt this Vintage Vogue Pattern (Reprinted V2903, available in the shops) -

v2903   v2093 - b

I haven’t yet found a fabric I love enough to buy 7 metre of though!  May be I should go in for the more austere 1940s war time look?!

So while I go shopping, have a look at this link to some more great – original – 195os patterns.

Vintage Patterns

Have a great vintage day

Deb xx

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