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19 & 20 April 1942–Hilter’s birthday


This blog post is a little late. Our power went out at my usual posting time, which meant getting ready for work interesting, and coffeeless, and driving to work downright dangerous (no traffic lights). Anyway, here it is now, with two days in one.

19 April 1942

Tomorrow in 1942 it is, was, Hitler's birthday. There was a special concert given in honour of this the night before on 19 April 1942. Here is a musical snippet, with photos from the night.

Hitler's birthday concert

20 April 1942

Centre of attention: A group of Austrian schoolgirls crowd around to chat to Hitler at an unidentified social event

A rare colour photo, with Hilter surrounded by school girls on his 50th birthday in 1942 by German photographer Hugo Jaeger.  Source

And what did he get for a present?

Bowing to the Fuhrer: Austrian automobile manufacturer Ferdinand Porsche (left, in dark suit) presents a newly-designed convertible Volkswagen car to Hitler for his 50th Birthday in Berlin

A convertible Volkswagen beetle, presented here by Austrian automobile manufacturer Ferdinand Porsche (the one on the left without a uniform).

He doesn’t look as happy as I would have!

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