Thursday, 3 May 2012

2 May 1942–MacArthur, War & Ponies

  2 may 1942 cover

A portrait of General MacArthur on the Australians Women Weekly, 2 May 1942’

On this day in 1942 a Japanese submarine was unsuccessfully attacked by USN aircraft from carrier Yorktown in the Coral Sea - The battle of the Coral Sea is not far away.   Meanwhile, in the Solomon islands, Japanese aircraft bomb the Australian base at Tulagi Island, in preparation for the invasion of Tulagi on 3 May, and the Australian detachment evacuates by a small boat.

Cute vintage horse photo of the day, from the Australasian Magazine, March 1942:


And another vintage horse ad – featuring wild horses for once:

1942 great colorful wild horse art Adel print ad

Horses on the brain, sorry!

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