Tuesday, 14 August 2012

De-cluttering & A Nautical Colour Scheme

My de-cluttering for the house move is going along in leaps and bounds! I sold a lounge suite today - mind you  I had only owned it a week. I bought it last week at the Thrift Store, as I thought it would be great to recover for the new house and it was so comfy and a great shape, and only $80!  It's been sitting in my spare room/garage leaving me no room to store the boxes I have already packed, and I finally came to my senses and realised that selling my six month old corner couch and replacing it with one that needed fabric covers made would be a huge waste of money.  So I advertised it with a free ad in the local paper and sold it - for $100!  The same buyer also bought our spare queen size bed that really wasn't going to fit in the new house, so I have de-cluttered and made money at the same time!

Of course keeping the red couch means that I have had to revised the colour scheme for the new house again.....so now it's beachy, but not pale beige, blue and white, but a more nautical feel with red, beige, white and blues and navy. Some rope, baskets, cane and sisal would have to feature too I think.  I still love the white timber furniture idea, and would love to have a window seat under the upstairs dormer window.  Here is some inspiration:



beach arrow sign  source


colorful modern living room white walls, blue sofa, red soda, bold pattern rug  source


I love the the simple whale and anchor cushions - maybe I could try and make something similar?

I have a few more things for sale, such as another lounge suite (yes I know, how may lounge suites can a girl have?!) but if they don't sell I will donate them to the Salvation Army.  That's where most of my furniture came from in the first place, and I am sure they will be happy to see it again!

Deb xxx


  1. Great colour scheme! I'm using similar tones in my house. Blue is such a great country cottage colour!


  2. Thanks Paige, good luck with your renovations!


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