Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Air Ship - a musical farce comedy from 1898

Distracted again, this time by these delightful posters for The Air Ship, a musical comedy by JM Gaites from 1898.

A musical farce comedy, The air ship by J.M. Gaites.
A musical farce comedy, The air ship by J.M. Gaites.

Below is part of an article which appeared in the January 18, 1899 Fort Wayne News (Fort Wayne, Indiana):

 "The Air Ship," a new and original spectacular musical farce comedy, written by J.M. Gaites, possesses some novel and realistic scenic features, and it will probably draw a big audience at the Masonic Temple ton-night. One of the most realistic stage scenes ever presented will be the flight of a real air ship with fifteen passengers on a Klondike expedition, and a view of Dawson City in winter. While the author does not claim a plot, "The Air Ship" has a central idea or theme, with which it is infested by amusing dialogue, new songs, dances and specialties. Careful attention will be given to staging "The Air Ship," and the company of artists engaged will give a lively presentation of the farce.

 I haven't been able to find out much about Mr Gaites, but the posters are divine don't you think?

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