Saturday, 27 October 2012

Victorian Nostaglia & Steampunk

I have come to a realisation.

I love Steampunk.

What is "Steampunk?" you may ask.

Basically Steampunk is Victorian science-fiction-fantasy, or the past that never was.  Old done in a new way or vice-versa - Victorian outfits with a modern twist, or mobile phones made of leather and brass. Steampunk takes it's name from the time of Steam power, and the punk genre of being different and questioning everything. Why do we have to have boring clothes made in China or plastic everything and sameness?  Why can't we have beauty and fun, traditional materials like leather, timber, brass and copper, items that can be tinkered with and not just thrown away when broken or uncool.  With Steampunk, you have the best things of the Victorian era, without the hardships, racism, sexism and child labour. It's Victorian nostalgia in a way - looking at the past through rose coloured glasses.
Put these on baby!

If you love vintage, you're part steampunk already.  I have been Seampunk for years and just never knew it had a name.  My first house (twenty years ago now) was built in 1910, with high ceilings and  lots of timber and we renovated it with brass light fittings and fans, and had brown velvet sofas and Persian rugs.  I so miss it, but hoped in Queensland I would have an old timber Queenslander - I am still waiting. One day I may have something like this!

Brooklyn House, Fraser Coast QLDc. 1890  source
Probably not, but while I am waiting I shall continue to research the Victorian and Edwardian eras, and Steampunk.  As well as this blog I have started a tumblr page, which explores Steampunk in all it's forms, with photos and quotes.  It's called Brass Butterflies and the link is in the side bar.

As well as being a little bit 'Steamy' in my daily life, I am working on some costume ideas for a Steamfest next August in Ipswich, Queensland, so I'll jot about then too.  Any input is welcome!  And if you are in Queensland next August, think about attending.........

Go to the website for more information.

Farewell for now, tumblr awaits.

Deb xx

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