Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Dreaming of Squirrels and a Pattern

I had a dream about squirrels the other night.

Which is strange, because we don't have squirrels in Australia.

I have seen them  in Sweden and in New York, though - so cute.

Squirrel in Central Park
Squirrel in Central Park via

Of course the natives tend to think of them as vermin, it's just the tourists who think they are cute.  Just like possums here in Australia.

Anyway, if you love squirrels, or have a little girl that does, you may like to knit her this cute jumper - from New Idea Magazine, April 1953.

free vintage girls jumper pattern with squirrels

I have just listed this magazine on Etsy if you want more patterns like this, or enter my give away here.

♥ Deb

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