Thursday, 8 August 2013

"You Can Wear Any Color" 1955

From Everywoman's Magazine, September 1955

"How often have you heard statements like these: 'I look ghastly in yellow'...or "Blue is the only color I can wear'... or 'I can wear any color, so long as it's green'? Well, we believe you can wear any color-- any of the six lovely fall colors we show on our suits-to-sew, plus many, many more..."

1950s fashion in pink and green

1950s fashion in orange and blue

1950s fashion in yellow and red

If colorful clothes are too much for you .."...In a message to Everywoman's, Elizabeth Arden, who has made a lifelong career of beauty says: 'As sensitive as we are to color around us, so few of us are adventurous about color in our own fashions and makeup... I cannot stress enough how much just a different shade of eye make-up can do in achieving this for you...'"

1950s makeup via
images via flickr

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