Thursday, 6 February 2014

Fresh Ginghams for Summer Days

I love ginghams. Not only do they always look fresh, they can be smart and relaxed at the same time, hide the dirt a bit, and if you make your own, cotton gingham fabric is cheap to buy. I have used it for covering chairs, for curtains and tablecloths as well as clothes. Maybe I love it because my first school uniform was gingham - a bit like this one but blue and white checks -

1950s ad
And how cute are these three?!
triplets baking, vintage 1950s
Detail from Uncle toby's ad, 1955
This fashion spread from the Australian Women's Weekly in the 50s shows how glamorous gingham can be.

glamorous gingham fashion, 1950s

glamorous gingham fashion and cigarette pants, 1950s

I just love those cigarette pants too. Red and white gingham is very versatile. My favourite skirt as a teenager was a short, straight skirt with an elastic waist, in red and white gingham - I think it was the first thing I ever sewed......ah memories!

What have you made with gingham?

deb xx


  1. Very timely post. I bought a 1980s blue and white gingham shirt dress from Vinnies the other week. It was almost ankle length and rather frumpy, but a quick new hemline, and it's a completely different dress. Hopefully putting up blog pictures tonight

  2. Hi, Deb! I don't have much to contribute about this one except to say that I love to look at vintage print ads for any type of product or service because you can learn a lot about the way we were. The first ad for pure clean glass made in the 50s would work today because it's believed there are health risks from drinking from certain types of plastic containers and using them to heat foods in the microwave.

    Good night to you, dear friend Deb, and have a happy Friday!

    1. Yes, I love vintage ads for this reason - see my tumblr blog and you will see!
      Maybe we will see glass ads again - I much prefer it myself and have a great pyrex collection. Have a lovely weekend. xx


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