Saturday, 5 April 2014

Harry Seilder's Waterman House, 1952

I have written on my other blog about architect Harry Seilder and his 'Rose Seilder House'. Now one of his other houses, the Waterman House, built in 1952 as a small one-bedroom weekend house, is up for sale.

Harry Seilder's Waterman House

The house has been modified over the years, including a new bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room, and the garage has been enclosed the deck even further enlarged.  You can find out more about the sale here, and read more about Harry Seidler here.

Seidler, at only 29, also completed the Hutter house, Turramurra; the Thurlow house, Blakehurst; the Landau house, Whale Beach and the Bowden house, 11 Northcote Crescent, Deakin, in 1952.  He also produced unbuilt schemes for the Barnes house, Lane Cove and the Bluhdorn house, Roseville.

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