Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Vintage Fashion - Looking at Shoes

As someone who finds it difficult to find comfortable, and stylish shoes, that don't break the band, I am always fascinated by vintage shoe ads that show stylish, comfortable walking shoes at an affordable price.

Ads like these, by Natural Bridge Shoemakers.

Vintage 1940s shoes ad
At $5 to $6 these shoes are the equivalent of around US$55 today (multiply by 8.88) and $58 Australian. slightly dearer were these 'Vitality whites' at $6.95, or US$62 today.

Vintage 1940s shoes ad

Vintage 1940s shoes ad

These Selby shoes, made near the end of the war are slightly more expensive, and no wonder, but at their most expensive are around $114. However there were still cheaper brands available, like these  Rhythm step shoes.

Vintage 1940s shoes ad

Vintage Natural Bridge shoes ad
By 1950 the Natural Bridge shoes were upto $8.95, or US$79.50 today - while in Australia not all shoe brands even gave prices in their ads.

Vintage 1950s shoes ad

Today in Australia it is hard to find a decent shoe like the ones above for  under $130. Even Brands like Homy Ped and Footrest start at $130. Natural Bridge shoes by contrast, which are still being made and sold in the US, retail at under US$60.  their secret? They are no longer made of leather, but of Leather-like Urethane - great for vegans! and I have to say, I really like these ones....

Natural Bridge shoes in red
VIRGINIA - Red Smooth $54.95
So I ordered my Natural Bridge shoes from the US, and even with postage they were under $75.  I got black, and although they are a little narrow (I would order the wider fitting next time - there are about 5 to choose from) they are super comfy as far as the arch/bridge of the foots goes.

The red really is nice, don't you think?

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