Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Getting home and getting sorted

I have been touring the countryside. A road trip with my just ten year old twins, and our border collie, from Mackay to Melbourne and back, a trip of over 5,000 km and eight weeks. (You can see photos of our trip on instagram above.)

Now I am back, and determined to simplify my life and get healthy - with some vintage inspiration of course!

And after travelling the country visiting family and friends, I have decided it's time to move....back down south to Victoria, where not only do both sets of grandparents live, my eldest son does now too. Now I just have to work on my husband, and hope that the house market here in Mackay picks up!

In the meantime I have been reading everything I can about gardening and simple living
( I have just found Scribd, which if you love reading you must check out), and have been shopping locally and cheaply and cooking three healthy and frugal meals a day for the family. This little 1950s booklet has been my inspiration (10 cents well spent), although I am not sure if I will use the recipes for brains.
vintage  healthy cooking

Today's lunch was broccoli and potato soup with two cheese, potato and rosemary pizza. OK so pizza is not very vintage, in Australia anyway, but even the kids loved it!

While I was away I had a request from a reader for a pattern for a knitted collar.  I will try and find one, I promise, but in the meantime I did find this little gem from 1942 - obviously a time when everyone had their own stack of knitting patterns already and could easily whip anything up!

vintage 1940s fashion tips

Now I am off to make some crepes for dinner......cheers, Deb.

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