Monday, 15 June 2015

Feeding a man cold

It's been raining here for days. Apparently the wet season is a little late this year - by about six months! 

Because of this miserable weather, Hubby has a man cold (and a sprained ankle)so he is is very pathetic.  I am trying hard to be patient and understanding...but not always succeeding. I have done well with making soup though.

Even the kids love soup - and they get all their vegies without groans about capsicum in this or how they hate lettuce.

I bought two bags of vegies at the supermarket for $3 each - I love going early morning when they clean out the vegie bins! - so I have made asparagus, cauliflower and mixed vegie soups. All with home make chicken stock of course....

My version of soup is easy -

First the stock - simmer a chicken carcuss with ends of vegies, and bit of carrot, onion or whatever you have, covered in water, for about an hour. Let cool and strain (I blend it all up and add a bit of oil and flour and bake dog treats). Put in the fridge and when cold use a slotted spoon to get off the fat that forms on top.  This usually makes about 2 litres, and I freeze one litre for later.

Chopped asparagus and Potate ready for the pot
Chopped asparagus and Potate ready for the pot
Then the soup - sauté an onion or leek in a little butter or oil, add chopped veg of your choice (about 2 to 3 cups), and a teaspoon or two of curry powder or other spice. A spoon of flour or a potato adds a bit of thickness to any soup, as does a can of white beans, which also adds protein. If you are making carrot or pumpkin soup, add half a cup of dried red lentils instead. Stir all this and let get all pretty and shiny and smell nice, then add your stock to cover. Let simmer until soft, then blend. 

If you are transferring the mix to a blender rather than using a stick blender in the pot, make sure you cool it a bit first and do small amounts at a time. Otherwise the blender will explode hot soup all over you. Trust me, I have done this! Blending with a small amount of milk cools it down and make 'Cream of' soup.

home made asparagus soup
asparagus soup

Alternatively serve with a dob of yoghurt. A a sprinkle of chopped herbs ads a nice touch. Add some fresh bread or a toasted cheese sandwich and you are set!

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