Friday, 12 June 2015

Lots of new things!

Terribly, terribly slack on this blog at present, but I have been very busy resurrecting my Etsy shop.
I am aiming to put up at least ten new items each week - including vintage fashion, magazines and patterns, so please take a look!  I will even start listing powder compact soon......

I will start doing some outfit posts too, despite, and probably because of, not losing any weight. I think another positive role model for the not so slender vintage lover may be a good thing.  If I see another young sexy rockabilly image I may scream....

Anyway, don't  forget you can see my range of mags and ads on tumblr. Things like this - 

vintage clock radio ad

And keep up with me personally on instagram.

Oh, and you may have noticed the larger font this week. What do you think? Better or not? 

Have a lovely weekend,

deb xx

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