Saturday, 14 January 2012

Scottie Dogs (& aliens) for Valentines Day


It’s only one month until Valentines Day – and unlike Christmas, I plan to be organised.

I love scotties (as I may have mentioned once or twice!).  They are so cute, stylish, loveable and quintessentially vintage.  And black scotties go beautifully with red, and are perfect for valentines day.  Here are some great scottie valentines day ideas from Etsy, and my favourites:


Black Scottie Dog Valentine Gift Tags


Scottie/Westie Hearty card  Doggone Cute Valentine - A2 card

1940s vintage card (love this!)

Vintage Valentine 1940's Scotty Dog Scottie Dog Sweet


VINTAGE 50s Carved Cherry Red Bakelite Double Scotties Dog Pin brooch Vintage Scottie Dog Charm Bracelet

Vintage Brooch                                                                                            and Charm bracelet


  Scottie Dog Terrier Coal Like Statue Ornament Sad Puppy

1940s Powder compact (too late – it’s mine!)                                         Sad Puppy

One more card from etsy, because I love it – the “Eye” love you card, and heart alien to make:

Valentines Day Card. (Eye) I  Love You Note Cards. Love Note Cards - Little Alien Love Notes - set of four Crochet Pattern Amigurumi Alien Monster "Love Baby" Amigurumi Pattern- PDF Format- Permission to Sell what you make

Meanwhile in 1942 on this day the U.S. and Britain concluded the Arcadia Conference in Washington,  with Roosevelt and Churchill agreeing to establish a Combined Chiefs of Staff and to the make defeating Germany their first priority.   This meant that winning the war in Europe would come before winning the war in the Pacific.  Not great news for Australia – Darwin would be bombed in little over a months time. (If you want to go on a tour of Darwin for the 70th anniversary of the bombing, check out this tour).

Prime Minister Churchill and President Roosevelt seated at a meeting at the White House on June 25, 1942.

Have a great day,

Deb xxx

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