Tuesday, 19 March 2013

13 Stunning 1930s orange and blue travel posters

My recent flight to Brisbane has inspired the traveller in me, and I found some stunning 1930's travel posters in my favourite colour scheme at present - blue and orange!  This colour scheme really works for travel destinations don't you think - blue water, blue sky, orange castles and sunsets........

Monte Carlo, 1930s

French travel poster, 1930s
French Riviera travel poster, 1930s
1930s Greek travel poster
German travel poster, 1930s
1930s Mediterranean travel poster
1930s Anchor Line poster
Casablanca travel poster, 1930s
Palestine travel poster, 1930s
Mornington/Kodak travel poster, 1930s

 Loetschberg railway Blue Lake bernese alps 1930s poster

Garda, Italy travel poster, 1930s

1930s Florence travel poster
I'm not sure which is my favourite, what about you?

Deb  xx

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