Saturday, 16 March 2013

1930s Orange and Blue

Whilst looking for orange dresses for yesterdays post, I came across this amazing vintage 1930s head piece, and I just had to share. Isn't it stunning?

A 1930s showgirl headpiece 

The long blue ostrich feathers are highlighted with sparkly orange beaded wires, and smaller orange feathers are clustered above the blue sequinned skull cap.  Maybe the show girl looked something like this.

Poster for Show Girl in Hollywood (1930)

I think orange and blue is a wonderful colour combination (I may have mentioned this before), and it seems to have been quite popular in the 1930s.
1930s Czech glass vase

1930s orange crate label
Blue on orange 1930s cotton fabric

1930s poster

1930 Packard 740 Sport Phaeton 
1930s Piano Sheet Music "Two Little Love Bees" 

1930s swimwear
Lounge pyjamas c. 1935
 Don't you love this print?!
I think I need some blue and orange when I create my 1930s wardrobe. 

Deb xxx

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