Sunday, 28 April 2013

Fashion Inspiration - Going Bananas

Don't slip on a banana - wear banana slippers!
Sometimes I feel like I'm going bananas.  Work, school, kids, house, pets - sometimes it all gets the better of me.  So today, a light hearted look at fashion - and bananas!

First, my favourite fruit wearing inspiration, Carmen Miranda.

The Gang's All Here, 1943
A documentary of her life story was filmed and directed in 1995 by Dr. Helena Solberg.  The title?  Bananas is my Business

1940s bakelite & lucite brooch

1950s Vintage Dress by Horrockses with Banana Print

1950s banana yellow dress
Prada and his "collection banana"
Banana Yellow Sporty Jodhpurs Trousers, 1990s

Hand Painted on vintage shoes
Trash Luxury Long Banana Dress from the King Kong collection, 2013.
 sandals from Sergio Zambon
I'm off to make some banana cake.  I found a great recipe here (it has chocolate in it!)

Deb xx

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