Sunday, 26 May 2013

Fashion Inspiration - Zebra Print Accessories

You may have noticed my fascination with zebras this week. I have looked at real life zebras and zebra print in furniture, zebra print in fashion and now continuing with zebra print accessories.   How wonderful would these be with a little black dress?

Vintage 50s Zebra Print Heels & Handbag
Or these. Not vintage but very glam.

Giuseppe Zebra Peep-toe pumps

And this hat!  I just love it. It a 1960s Schiaparelli design.

Vintage Zebra Print Hat 1960s Schiaparelli

Zebra print seems to have been popular in the 1960s.  Here is model Wilhelmina Cooper photographed by David Bailey for the cover of Vogue, September 1964, wearing a black and white zebra-skin scarf by Adolfo as a hat or 'burban.'

Wilhelmina Cooper 1964

And another photo by David Bailey, for Vogue UK, September 1965, with model Sue Murray wearing a zebra print sleeveless hoodie.

Sue Murray, 1965
This would have to be my favorite zebra outfit - from 1968.

Vogue, 1968
It would be just perfect for my trip to Melbourne in June. This photo was taken only a year before I was born - I think mu mum had a hat like that!

Zebra print underwear was also a hit in the 1950's, as this lovely 1954 ad suggests.

vanity fair ad 1954
Of course if all fails and you can't find anything to fit, you could just go with a whole zebra hide - Gary Cooper Style.

Gary Cooper, c. 1940s
Deb xxx

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