Saturday, 7 September 2013

A Deck Makeover - Mid-Century Style

For some reason I seem to give the back deck a bit of a make over at this time each year.  Maybe because it's near Father's Day, and the start of Spring, and that's when we start sitting outside again.  Last year the deck makeover was like this.

Deck makeover Sept 2012
See more photos here.  Since then four of the chairs have broken, thanks to the kids, and the puppy chewed the bottom handles of the chest of drawers as well as the table legs.

So the plan - Paint the old extendable dining table that had been in the shed, and the chest, and get some new chairs.  I found these Eames replicas at Target -

 I painted the table - with a 'cover anything' primer and left over grey house-paint.

Table before

The chest also got a coat of paint and new handles.

So now the deck looks like this:-

Back deck area with Eames chairs

Back deck area with Eames chairs

I brightened it up a little with aqua blue place-mats and an aqua painting I had in the shed.

Total Cost -  $421

Paint         -  $0 - leftover
Handles     - $28 set 10
Chairs       - $375 for 6
Placemats - $18 for 6

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