Tuesday, 24 September 2013

I need a Mid-Century Back Garden Makeover

My back yard needs a makeover.  Big time.  

We have lots of large palm trees, but not grass or low growth plants, because of two dogs - one in particular, who like to dig and eat plants.  Bromeliads mainly, of which I had many, are her favorite.  This is the only one she hasn't eaten - a spiky, ornamental pineapple. It also lives behind the pool fence, and she only gets in there occasionally.

Here's a tip. If your dog digs holes, DO NOT sprinkle chilli powder on the grass to stop her.
You end up with no grass (I still love you though honey).
Sick of the mud, we put down sand, so it's now like a giant sand pit. At least a good base for paving, gravel or such.  These photos have not been staged in any way - can  you tell?!

This is the pool area to the left of the yard. 

And to the right, at the bottom of the stairs. Right of this, around the corner, is the clothes line.

I want a garden that not only looks nice, but that is practical.  I want to grow more vegies, the the small areas of sun that I have - but they need to be safe from the dogs. I would like to combine the ideas of permaculture with some mid-century design. I wonder if that's possible?

What I want:-

  • raised garden beds
  • a fire pit
  • an area for chickens
  • Some mid-century style

Where to start?  I need ideas and inspiration.......

This backyard in Newport features a large pool, a crushed blue glass fire pit, a new cabana and plenty of seating. Artificial turf and pea gravel make this a beautiful and water-wise yard.  Maybe some raised garden beds for vegies instead of the turf? And where is their pool fence?!

Newport backyard
How's this for a fire pit?  My dogs would love those butterfly chairs!

Parker Hotel, Palm Springs, the fire pit
These concrete raised beds have a great modern look, especially with the gravel and large flagstones.

These raised beds allow for a walkway, and have built in seating too.

I think these modular blocks are probably more in my price range though.

These modular zinc garden beds are very popular here at present - not too expensive and easy to install and move.  I like the natural tin colour.

This garden in San Franciso has a great mid-century feel, and the raised beds are welded flat, aged metal.

The shape of these square raised garden beds have a mid-century feel to them I think, although they are made of plastic.

I love them in blue.
I can see them sitting on gravel, with this fence.

And maybe this chicken coop.

the henHAUS. via
Or this combined chicken coop and garden bed - what a great idea!

Off to the drawing board.....oh, to have unlimited finances!


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